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Blogroll: linking to outstanding healthcare policy, news, and opinion blogs

I have mentioned before that this blog is not meant to have a news-oriented focus, but rather is tutorial in nature as to topics which may have the potential to reduce harm and waste in healthcare.

To add variety and offer access to other quality resources, I am now providing links to a few sites/blogs that, in my opinion, stand out from the rest in the depth of their news coverage and opinion content while also being quite engaging in their presentation of the same. These now appear in the right sidebar of this site’s pages, under the heading “Blogroll.”  To date, these links include:

You will find the above sources comprehensive in their coverage of important news, and full of cogent analyses, strong opinions, and intelligent exchanges. They are all quite topical as to important changes and debates occurring in healthcare today and will no doubt give you useful insights into what may be headed our way in the near future.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.



Introducing the A3 – conclusions

This post wraps up the series on A3 development, started earlier this year.

In the previous posts, I covered key A3 concepts, layout, sequence of steps involved in definition and analysis, implementation and follow-up, basic notation, and tips on what to do as well as what to avoid.

I also illustrated diagrammatically how customers, developers, and their mentors can best interact as an A3 gradually and collaboratively takes shape.

I hope this has given you a useful grounding in the topic of A3 design, and served to point out the benefits this powerful thinking aid and communication tool can bring to process redesign and problem solving.


Introducing the A3 – part 4: analysis


To recap a previous post, an A3 can be developed in nine steps, the first four having to do with analysis and the last five with corrections/fixes and follow-up. In this post, I discuss the steps involved in analysis.

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