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Defining real-time systems

In this post, I want to briefly discuss a broadly-misused term, and attempt to define it. When I say broadly misused, I mean exactly that. Whether on the job or elsewhere — such as today, at a webinar run by a prestigious analytics firm — the truth is most people who routinely use IT services do not have a proper understanding of the terms ‘real time’ or ‘real-time system.’ Continue reading


Leading, lagging, and coincident scorecard indicators

In general, indicators of performance can be leading, lagging, or coincident.  This means some can be used to tell us where we may be headed (leading), while others can only look in the rearview mirror and tell us where we’ve been (lagging), and others still tell us where we are at right now (coincident).  As when driving a car, if you want to be relatively safe, you need all three.

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