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Lean thinking in the supply chain: surgical inventory management example

In a previous post, I described how problems in the management of surgical inventory at a large, multi-site hospital were addressed.  In this post, I will try to make explicit the connection between some of the activities carried out on that project and Lean thinking.

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Introducing the A3 – conclusions

This post wraps up the series on A3 development, started earlier this year.

In the previous posts, I covered key A3 concepts, layout, sequence of steps involved in definition and analysis, implementation and follow-up, basic notation, and tips on what to do as well as what to avoid.

I also illustrated diagrammatically how customers, developers, and their mentors can best interact as an A3 gradually and collaboratively takes shape.

I hope this has given you a useful grounding in the topic of A3 design, and served to point out the benefits this powerful thinking aid and communication tool can bring to process redesign and problem solving.


Introducing the A3 – part 8: more tips and caveats

Below I review previously mentioned pitfalls and list additional ones that A3 practitioners in healthcare would do well to guard against if they set on a path to producing better A3s over time, which really means focusing on self-improvement by becoming better thinkers and communicators. Continue reading